Welcome to the BrainTrainerPlus Quiz Creator.

Here you can create a personal or regional quiz that can be uploaded on to your BrainTrainerPlus machine.
A personal quiz should consist of personal topics relating to the individual resident (what date were they married, pictures of children, grandchildren etc.).
A regional quiz should consist of local topics (what street is the facility located, names of any bridges or rivers etc.).


  • A quiz must consist of a minimum of 5 questions per difficulty level (30 questions in total).
    • Questions difficulty:
      • Level 1 and 2; Questions should consist of very short text. People with early stage dementia have trouble remembering the beginning of a question by the time they get to the end (eg. a family picture ... Who is this?) There is a multiple-choice of 2 answers. The wrong answer is chosen at random.
      • Level 3 and 4; Questions should consist of short text (eg. films, music etc.) From level 3 there is a multiple choice of 4 answers per question.
      • Level 5: Questions should relate to a subject that was taught at school (eg. geography, history, home economics, schools attended or names of teachers etc.)
      • Level 6: Questions should approach a subject based on personal interests (eg. favourite artists, architecture, food etc.)
  • * Questions should, where relevant, include a tag:
    • Region
    • Year or period
    • Alcohol or drug related topics
    • Religion
    • Language (one can also make the questions, for example, in Italian)
  • The contributor shall indemnify BrainTrainerPlus against any copyright claims

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